Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 6- Daniel Fast

I am going to keep this really short.
I woke up bright and early for a walk. I met my lovely dear friend, Mrs. Linda. I couldn't help but feel so energetic this morning! I really enjoy these walks because they always leave me feeling so alive and wanting more. We can go an hour or more at times walking and I never realize where the time goes. 5 miles later, my legs are telling me to slow down! Day 6! Now we are in a routine. It feels good! I feel as if a weight has been lifted from me- I didn't even realize that I was feeling that heavy. I made a squash soup and got to to share it with my lovely sister Mrs. Nadia! I ended my day with a massage to keep me in my zone. Now, it's off to bed to snuggle up to my bear! Good night all!!!

Day 5 Meals
Breakfast... sliced apples, cup of herbal tea w/ fresh lemons
Snack: Veggie n white corn tortilla chips, with a pear
Lunch: Sweet potatoes, with cinnamon n ginger
Dinner Ezekial bread w/ veggie pattie, topped with spinach, tomatoes

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